Scheduled Discipline Hearings & Referrals


The following members have been referred to the Discipline Committee:

Member NameReferral DateHearing Date(s)Notice of Hearing
Angelo Casella (900286)February 22, 2022April 17, 2023View Here
Badyal, Gavin (050236)May 27, 2022June 5-8, 2023View Here
McTague, Betty (830124)February 28, 2023TBDView Here
Infanti, John (900291)March 17, 2023TBDView Here


Scheduled Discipline Hearings

  1. Angelo Casella (900286) – April 17, 2023
  2. Gavin Badyal (050236) – June 5-8, 2023


As a result of COVID-19, all hearings will be held electronically until further notice. If you would like to attend a Discipline Committee hearing, please contact the Hearings Office at