The election provides you with an opportunity to actively participate in the regulation of your profession in Ontario


Districts up for Election in 2022

District 6 (North) for Chiropodists.
District 3 & 4 (Combined District 2) for Podiatrists.

I would like to run for Council

If you are interested in running for Council, review the information on this page and complete the Nomination Form.

Elections Time Table

Dec 16, 2022 – Nomination Deadline
Feb 15, 2023 – Election Day
Feb 17, 2023 – Results Announced

What is the Council of the College?

The Council is the governing body of the College. It establishes the statutory requirements that guide the regulation of the profession in the public interest.

The Council of the College of Chiropodists of Ontario consists of 16 members; 6 chiropodists elected by the College’s chiropodist registrants, 3 podiatrists elected by the College’s podiatrist registrants, 2 chiropodists selected by Council who are on the faculty of the educational institution in Ontario that is authorized to grant diplomas or degrees in chiropody, and between 5 and 8 public members who are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council from the general public.

Get Involved

Now is the time to get involved in the Council election either by putting your name forward to stand for election or by nominating a colleague.

The College encourages all those interested to consider membership on the Council. If you are thinking about running for Council, please consider the time commitment involved. Members attend Council meetings three times a year. In addition, you must serve on one or more statutory committees; you may be required to attend hearings; and, you must do preparatory reading for Council and committee meetings.



Position Qualifications
  • Commitment to the principles of professional regulation in the public interest.
  • Willingness to give your time and attention to work on committees and Council.
  • Desire to learn new skills and make new contacts that may benefit you long after your term is over.
How is the Election Held?

The election is carried out by electronic ballots. Voting is by secret ballot and the results are tabulated by independent individuals and/or scrutineers. Completion of the nomination form is the first step in the process.

Eligibility for Election

To assist members with the nomination process, an updated list of persons registered to practice within the district will be available in the Member Portal.

Members are eligible for nomination if:

  • On the deadline for receipt of nominations, you are a holder of a certificated of registration in the chiropodist class and the certificate is not subject to a term, condition or limitation other than one applicable to all members of the class;
  • On the deadline for receipt of nominations, you are not in default of the payment of any money owed to the College;
  • On the deadline for receipt of nominations, you are not the subject of any disciplinary or incapacity proceeding;
  • Your certificate of registration has not been revoked or suspended in the six years preceding the date of the election for any reason other than non-payment of fees;
  • You have not been the subject of any professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity findings in the three years preceding the date of the election;
  • You have not been disqualified by Council in the three years preceding the date of the election;
  • You have your designated register address in the electoral district for which you are nominated;
  • You do not hold a position which would cause you, if elected, to have a conflict of interest by virtue of having a competing fiduciary obligations to both the College and another organization unless you file with the Registrar by the deadline, a written agreement to resign from the other position if elected (e.g. a director or other member of the governing body, officer or executive director or chief administrative officer of an international, national or provincial association whose members are predominately chiropodists, podiatrists or other foot care providers)
  • You have already served six consecutive years on Council, and 3 years have not passed since you last served as a Council member;
  • You are not a selected councilor unless you first resign as such in order to be a candidate for election as an elected councilor;
  • You have completed and filed with the Registrar the Conflict of Interest Form by the deadline.
How to Run for Election?
  • Nomination forms must reach the College of Chiropodists no later than deadline posted;
  • Nomination forms must be complete;
  • The candidate must sign the consent portion of the nomination form and enclose biographical information in the manner prescribed by the Registrar for distribution to College members;
  • Three nominators must support each nominee, and each nominator must sign the nomination form;
  • Each nominator must be a member who is eligible to vote in the election on the date of nomination and on the date on which the nominations close in accordance with section 51.05 in By-Law No. 1.
  • Once nominated, each nominee will be required to complete and file the College’s conflict of interest form.

Questions and Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers to help you decide whether you wish to run for election to the Council.

How long is the term of office and when does it begin?

The term of office is normally three (3) years and it begins at the first Council meeting following the October council meeting after the election. If there is a bi-election, the term will in all likelihood, be less than three (3) years.

Do I get compensated for the time and work I perform for the College?

You are recognized with an honorarium for time spent doing College work. This may not completely compensate you for time spent away from your office. Participating in College activities is viewed as public service. Expenses such as travel, accommodation and meals, which are incurred in the course of participating in College activity are reimbursed.

How is the election conducted?

The election is carried out by mail. Voting is done by secret ballot. The rules and procedures governing nominations and the election are set out in the College General By-law and is directed by the Registrar. A voting guide, ballots, return envelopes and biographical sketches will be mailed to all members who are eligible to vote. Please see the election time table for specific dates.

What is required of me as a Council member?

As a member of Council, you would attend 3 full day Council meetings each year where you discuss and establish College regulations, by-laws, policies, guidelines and standards for the profession. As well, you will be a member of at least one statutory committee and possibly a standing committee or working group. Each member of Council is on the ICRC and discipline committees. You may also be asked to participate in special projects. In addition to attending meetings, you will need to prepare for your meetings and even participate in special projects that may require extra time and preparation. Council meetings are held in Toronto, although many committee meetings are conducted by teleconference. You can estimate dedicating 1-2 full days a month to College work, depending on the committees of which you are a member.

What district am I in?

The electoral district in which a member is eligible to vote is based on either:

  1. the location of the primary site of practice where the member is engaged in the practice of chiropody in Ontario or
  2. If the member does not engage in the practice of chiropody in Ontario, the member’s principal Ontario residence.

This information is outlined within the College bylaws (section 46.02)

I am ready to run for Council

Access the member portal here to complete your online nomination form.