Availability of PPE during COVID-19

(Survey Results)

Members who have TEN DAYS OR LESS of PPE Supply

  • 40% Surgical Masks
  • 45% Goggles/Glasses
  • 30% Gloves
  • 59% Face Shields
  • 66% Gowns

Key Findings

  • More than half of members clinics are CLOSED
  • Approximately 98% (350/360) of clinics have reduced patient case-load by more than 50%
  • 70% of members attempted to order PPE in the last 4 weeks but, LESS THAN 10% indicated their most recent order was enroute
  • 95% had exhausted any alternate suppliers of PPE including Government
  • 17% of members were not aware OR not responsible for PPE supplies (Those working in CHC’s ,FHT’s, and Hospital’s)

The survey was conducted between 17th-22nd of April, 2020

  • 48% of ALL College members responded (Confidence: 99% Margin of Error: 5%)
  • 80.4% of respondents practise in private community offices
  • 18.6% in CHC’s, FHT’s and Hospitals
  • 51.7% practice in the GTA
  • 67.6% working in Large urban population centres (100,000 or greater)

Survey Infographic

PDF of key Survey Highlights

PPE Survey Final

PDF of detailed results from Member survey